Maple Corner Middle School



On the UCC Campus

Our robust middle school program provides a rich, challenging, and supportive learning experience for middle school students, with the end goal of creating confident, independent thinkers who will enhance their communities and develop their potential to make the world a better place.

What makes our middle school so excellent?

Academic standards

We are anything but “standard” but we absolutely exceed “standardized” requirements. Our middle school includes a dynamic, experiential, solid core curriculum benchmarked against state and independent school standards. We are committed to making sure our students master these standards and have the tools necessary for success in high school, college and beyond.

We teach more than math

If a child can do advanced math, speak three languages, or receive top grades, but cannot manage their emotions, practice conflict resolution, or handle stress, none of that other stuff is really going to matter.”       -Safa, Diplomat

Our mindfulness and growth mindset curriculum focusses on moral character and gives students the toolbox to resolve conflicts, handle academic and social disappointments, and build emotional literacy. Much of seventh grade is learning how to be a student, including important skills such us how to annotate, methods of study and research techniques.

Learning outside our walls

In addition to our vibrant local fieldtrips, our annual distance field trips are the bonding highlight of the year for our students starting in third grade. These field trips are rich academic experiences for our children that help them to develop practical life skills, independence, and a broader world-view.

Respect for all

In an increasingly divided world, students learn skills to enable them to see and understand different opinions and views. Students debate one another about varying topics from the perspectives of people all over the world using proper debate etiquette and thoughtfully researched positions.

Electives based on YOU

Individualized instruction is always our focus at MCM. We base our elective selection on what our students want to learn. Some examples of electives offered include photography, sewing, babysitting, ukulele, robotics, and more! More information on electives and our partnership with UCC to come.

Dynamic hands-on learning experiences

Learning is best done by doing and nothing sinks in better than watching your teacher in an Einstein wig, shooting a potato gun, and then taking a turn yourself! While we understand the importance of a textbook, we are always passionately looking for opportunities to bring curriculum to life with hands on experiences, experiments, dissections, and simulations.

Curriculum Overview

Maple Corner Middle School is a continuum of the MCM school philosophy that is rooted in Montessori with an eye toward best practices. With that aim, a passionate team of teachers create a sense of awe as they engage students in a variety of discussions, projects, and hands-on experiments that make learning come alive.

The knowledge gained in this course of study prepare our students for the most rigorous secondary curriculums available.

In addition to a rich study of history and the humanities, students learn, practice, and master a variety of writing techniques as they find their own voice and learn to express themselves with clarity and precision.

In math, the foundation built from the Montessori math materials is now almost fully abstract as we focus on critical thinking, problem solving, and building a strong algebraic foundation.

Science study is enriched with investigations in both the laboratory and the field to foster questioning minds and independent thinking.

Most importantly, we want our students to develop a life-long love of learning and the intrinsic motivation to always be in pursuit of knowledge.

Come Learn More!

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